What We Do

Residential Design

People are always searching for the finest quality of materials for their own residences. For this specific reason, Tunisian Stone offers a large variety of marble and limestone that can be used for home improvement. Our materials are refined and have a perfect finish; they will bring a unique touch to each house.


TunisianStone for home design

Office Design

Offices are generally considered as the company’s window. Modern offices always give a better image to potential customers. That is why it’s important to take care of this image by using refined materials like marble and limestone. You can find a wide range of marble and limestone in our warehouse and your office will be unique.


Commercial Design

Luxurious shops are more likely to attract customers; furthermore, they show off each exposed product and give it more value. From Berber Black to Veined Beige, Tunisian Stone has all the necessary material to have the luxury boutique that won’t look like any other one in the country.


Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Extraction & Cutting
  • Packaging & Handling
  • Customer service
The first step is always the most delicate one. In order to have the finest quality of marble that Tunisia has to offer, Tunisian Stone calls on experts that visit many regions of the country to choose the best marble blocks, according to many criteria (size, color, quality of marble, etc.).
After the purchase, marble blocks are conveyed to paving plants for cutting and shaping. During this step, Tunisian Stone make the sorting to see if there are any imperfections in the blocks. These blocks are generally cut into slabs and tiles of 1 or 2 cm that can be honed, brushed, polished or sandblasted.
Packaging is probably one of the most important steps since marble tiles and slabs are very fragile. Slabs are placed in bundles, and tiles are placed in crates. Each piece of marble tiles and slabs is carefully packaged to make sure they arrive to their final destination in the best possible conditions.
Tunisian Stone has a large variety of marble that is available in the warehouse, where customers can come and make their choice. Tunisian Stone also ensures personalized orders, and shipping all over the US. The team remains available for any further information or questions customers may have.